Monday, September 22, 2014

New workshop, "Nature in the Abstract", Pence Gallery, Sunday Oct. 19th

A new workshop , "Nature in the Abstract"
to be held Sunday, October 19th, 1 to 4 pm

The Pence Gallery, Davis, California
212 D Street
(530) 758-3370

please RSVP by October 17th

"Nature in the Abstract" is an explorative workshop on finding inspiration for abstracts based on the shapes and patterns of nature.  We select images to work from, develop the ideas and then create and complete small paintings from the abstracted shapes.

The workshop starts with a demonstration of acrylic painting techniques, which are key to painting with acrylic.  Then we create abstract paintings on panel with the acrylic - - a very flexible and spontaneous painting medium. Guidance, instruction, all paints,  prepared panels and papers, tools, and misc. supplies are all provided - students only need to bring synthetic watercolor brushes and paper towels. You'll finish this workshop with small paintings, ready to hang.  Please wear clothing appropriate for painting. On Sundays, the day of the workshop there is free parking downtown.

Acrylic painting lends itself to experimentation, fast learning and spontaneity!

Have you asked these typical painter's questions, or wanted these goals for your paintings:
  • where can I get inspiration for abstract paintings?  what do I do with an idea once I know what my inspiration is?
  • how do I choose what colors to place next to each other? how can I achieve more sophisticated color?
  • how do I paint more loosely?  I want to be more fresh
  • how do I keep my acrylic paintings from looking so hard-edged and 'plastic-ey'?
  • how can I get away from using those expensive acrylic mediums?
This class is an answer to the questions you may have.  It is explorative, anchored by the idea of finding inspiration for abstracts based on the shapes and patterns of nature.  I'll show you how to find and select images, develop ideas and a finished painting from the idea or concept. If you'd like to see representative paintings in this subject, please see this link: "Nature in the Abstract page on Facebook"  or see my website to view the selection of paintings in the abstract and small works subjects.

My new softcover book by the same title, Nature in the Abstract can be previewed, by request. Doubleclick the contact link below.

We cover:

Color mixing in opaque paints
Acrylic paints as an opaque paint, as well as a transparent watermedia
Lots of techniques! these were developed from my unique favorites!
Design and composition in painting in a short discussion and implemented while painting

Please contact me   * H E R E*     if you have questions

Comments from my students, and Administrator, from a past acrylic painting class at the Folsom Art Center, Fall 2010:

"Students raved about her technique, skills and knowledge"
"Curriculum was well thought out and easy to understand"
"Every evaluation received from her students had the highest marks in every category. She left a lasting impression on the Folsom Art Center"

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"Nature in the Abstract" - - comments from the readers!

From a Painter:  

"I love your book. Well written with excellent instructions that are very user friendly. I will work thru the projects" . . .

From a former Student:  

"After taking lessons with Lynn in person, I know her practical way of explaining painting techniques will translate well into book form."

From an internet Buyer: 

Have enjoyed exploring the book. Have done a color block abstract w/ palette knife. Loved using palette knife which is new to me. Fun! "

From a professional Painter:

 "She describes a variety of 'attitudes' and new ways to think about capturing the true essence of the landscape in a fresh abstract manner."

Read more here, and request an 11-page Preview of the book:

Monday, September 1, 2014

Acrylic painting techniques, the key to painting with acrylic - included in "Nature in the Abstract" book

thumbnails from large acrylic paintings, 

all 22" x 30", acrylic on paper

left:  "Wetlands";  center:  "In the Presence"; right, "Sea Island"
all paintings are sold (prints available)

My book , click to view:    Nature in the Abstract   started from a stack of notes that I kept in a folder, of class handouts for the acrylic painting classes I instruct.  The description for the book is:  "inspirations and techniques for painting in acrylic and mixed media; a step-by-step guidebook for recognizing and painting abstracts inspired by nature".

The most eye-opening topics for students in my classes and workshops are the acrylic techniques . . . I hear a lot of "you can do that?!" For painters, knowledge of the techniques gives you full flexibility in painting with acrylic.  There are 3 pages of Techniques. which are easy to understand with illustrations and full instructions.  The Techniques are easy processes that emphasize technique, and are light on the use of acrylic mediums. Throughout, tips are included which gives readers good insight on more technique, as well as the how-to instructions for each chapter.

The key to painting with acrylic are the techniques used in softening edges, as the paint can dry very quickly. Have you had the experience that you can recognize an acrylic painting immediately? Or found in painting with acrylic that it can quickly dry on you, that your paintings can have sharp edges and a 'plasticky' quality. It's easy to get beyond this stage, and find the joy!  In this book I emphasize techniques in how to achieve both hard and soft edges, painting for depth and richness, and taking advantage of layering.  Written by a Signature Artist member of the International Society of Acrylic Painters.

A preview is available for the book 
Request  a preview of 11 sample pages,

Please email me for Alaska, Canada and International purchases
Select your option

my paintings:

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New book! "Nature in the Abstract", by Lynne Cunningham

My new book is now available!

"Nature in the Abstract", published August, 1014

NEWS: My book Nature in the Abstract is now available! Have you wanted to paint in acrylic, paint in a more contemporary style, or use inspirations and shapes from nature? 

The book is for all that! Includes tips, step by step instructions, 110 color photos of finished paintings and in-progress images. A high quality, softcover bound book of 65 pages. This is a fun, engaging and informative guidebook on acrylic painting techniques, describing how-to steps for contemporary paintings, inspired by nature. Written by a Signature Artist member of the International Society of Acrylic Painters, Lynne Cunningham. Funded in part by the California Arts Council.

"Nature in the Abstract", published in August, 2014 is a step-by-step guidebook for painting abstracts in acrylic and mixed media. This is an engaging and fun book for reading and reference. The processes described are easy to follow and will inspire you! 

The book includes these chapters and more: 
  • techniques
  • acrylic paints:  getting comfortable with acrylic
  • finding inspiration 
  • color and color mixing
  • step-by-step instructions
  • recognizing patterns and shapes found in nature  
  • insightful guidance on artistic growth for all painters
  • for Beginner / Intermediate level painters
  • more than 110 hi-resolution color images

California residents - $25,  plus salestax and $6 shipping -
see other option, or email me for Alaska, Canada and International purchases

A preview is available in a PDF of 11 pages including:
 Cover, Table of Contents, 
Introduction, Sample pages from the Chapters, Finished paintings and in-progress images

You can request a Preview:

Select your option for purchase:

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A trip to the Central Coast

the coast and tidepools at Cambria

the former hot springs bath house, Paso Robles

My painting in the group show, 
"Places to Come From" (lower right)
17th Annual International Society of Acrylic Painters (ISAP)
Showroom Gallery, Paso Robles

We had a truly energizing and rewarding trip to the Central Coast, our old stomping grounds.  I lived in Arroyo Grande in the south county area for several years, bought my first two homes there, attended Cuesta College and graduating from Cal Poly SLO.  We had family connections as well, with my husband's family living in Paso Robles for many years . So good to be back for a nice long weekend on the Central Coast!  

It's one of my touchstone locations.  This time we were based in Morro Bay, and I loved the spontaneous walking around, biking and sightseeing, eating out. That foggy marine air envelops and wraps around you, it is like heaven.

The ISAP exhibit is on display through the end of August at the Showroom Gallery.  The gallery is a small, elegant gallery inside the Studios on the Park artspace.  The artwork in the exhibit is so much more rich and impressive seeing it in person! Art friends and mentors are members of this organization so it's meaningful to me, and I'm honored to be a Signature Artist member in the International Society of Acrylic Painters.  

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Acrylic abstracts, news on Signature Artist ~ Lynne Cunningham

"Places to Come From", acrylic on cradled panel

20" x 16"

May, 2014

"Places to Go", acrylic on panel

16" x 12"

May, 2014

Been very busy, what can I say!  I have a bunch of good news so I'll be posting more frequently in the next several weeks.

The first news is that the painting at top "Places To Come From" has been juried into the 17th Annual International Open Exhibit for the International Society of Acrylic Painters.  I've painted in acrylic for 10 years, finding it to be a wonderfully explorative paint medium.  With this exhibit, I was selected for Signature Artist membership.  Many professional art societies and groups have different levels of membership usually starting with Associate, then Signature Artist member . A very nice honor and recognition to have!

17th Annual ISAP International Open Exhibition
July 31 - August 24, 2014

Paso Robles Art Association
The Showroom Gallery
1130 Pine Street
Paso Robles, CA 93447
(805) 238-5473 

I've been having a little fun with naming paintings in the last couple of years since I've been painting more contemporary / abstracct.  Not having to be so literal with the titles, these two titles make me smile.

Now to just locate the perfect frame - - the eternal quest!

I've updated my website - homepage, In the News, more :

For availability and price on these paintings,  contact me H E R E 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New work on display at Seasons Restaurant, by Lynne Cunningham

"Sea Island, Summer Afternoon", acrylic on paper 
22" x 30"

"Domain of the Frog, version two", acrylic on paper
22" x 30"

Now on display!  New work installed throughout the restaurant:

Seasons Restaurant
101 F St., at F and 1st Streets
Davis, California

the dining area

in the bar  

I hope you get the chance to visit Seasons in the next month or so!  My original artwork has been on display in a solo show for three years at Season Restaurant, with fresh work hung periodically.   The restaurant has a cosmopolitan atmosphere in the dining rooms and on the patio, and inspired seasonal cuisine.  The place for special occasions or for treating yourself to a great casual meal!   In Davis, California.  

All art sales are arranged through me - please contact if you have questions.  H E R E

View my website here:


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