Monday, February 24, 2014

Another small abstract, "Cool Green Fields, version two"

"Cool Green Fields, version two"

acrylic, acrylic inks on panel   12" x 6"

February, 2014    available unframed

please contact me  H E R E   for inquiries 
purchase through Paypal or with a a credit card

Another version of a favorite small painting!    Our home is surrounded by agricultural fields and orchards . . .right now the winter wheat planted last fall is turning to an emerald green; the blooming fruit trees are blossoming in that same pink as in the painting above.  And so I have today "Cool Green Fields, version two".  These little acrylic paintings are so much fun to create !  ~ and would give a shot of vibrant color to any wall.  

If you have questions or inquiries or want to purchase, please contact me at the link above.  Shipping  / handling costs within the continental U.S. are $15.00 ~ California residents pay additional sales tax.

"Cool Green Fields" , the first version

Oct. 2013, available unframed

internet purchase, shipping and details:

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