Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's weekend - wonderful Napa

Magnolia x. soulangeana 

Saucer Magnolia

Napa Valley, California  

I've been remiss in posting on the blog  . . . I've been super busy behind the scenes on a project!  One which will come to the light and be revealed in a month or so.  I have to say it's been very enjoyable!!  It's art related and more of a long term project that's stretched me in some good ways.  Like a new exercise that you instantly like - - this is a new project charges me up.

We traveled to Napa on the most beautiful day of the past weekend, Sunday.  I'd earmarked some gardens, and some restaurants to head towards .  The restaurant and hot springs were divine.   Along the way we passed one huge Saucer magnolia tree in front of a Victorian inn - and I got the first of my trophy photos! I've been looking at the little tiny new trees of the same species in my neighborhood, enjoying the blooms and wanting photos . . . and then we happened onto these old 100+ year old trees!!  I'm ecstatic.  Photographed these two trees in 2 different locations.   The two shots below were found in Napa.

The blooms in the topmost photo above were taken in the last of the afternoon's light, in Calistoga.  Where I had a streetscape design / planting project a long time ago, while employed with the State of Calif. as a landscape architect . . .it's always fun to see my Bay Area projects grown in and thriving.  This magnolia was planted 100+ years ago when Main Street was either dirt, gravel or cobble so I take no credit for the beauty of this tree except for admiring it.

For gardeners, landscape architects, artists and anybody, these trees are SPECIAL delights!  Can't wait to paint them in an abstract.

Magnolia x. soulangeana  
Saucer Magnolia


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    1. Thanks for looking in and the comment. I started in photography after I began painting - and now the two art forms feed the process towards an end.


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